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Traffic Circulation Study in Woodland Park

Where Do We Go from Here?

Citizens Asked to Participate in Traffic Circulation Study

The City of Woodland Park, with the assistance of a consulting team from the engineering firm of AECOM, has initiated a study to identify appropriate solutions for optimizing the existing roadway network, improve local street connections and traffic flow on US 24, and increase roadway safety for the benefit of residents and the traveling public. Over the past twenty years, the City has made numerous transportation improvements and traffic management enhancements. The goal of this study is to address, “Where We Go from Here” by identifying the next phase of necessary improvements.

Citizens are invited to attend a PUBLIC MEETING and provide ideas and suggestions for workable solutions to transportation issues in and around the City of Woodland Park.

Woodland Park Traffic Circulation Study
Public Meeting
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
6 to 8 p.m.
Ute Pass Cultural Center
210 East Midland Avenue
Woodland Park, CO

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Project Background

With the addition of several new planned commercial developments bringing jobs to the community, Woodland Park is expected to grow from its current population of about 7,200 to a planned build-out of 12,600. Recognizing the long-term lack of available federal and state funding, the City of Woodland Park is positioning itself for other possible funding opportunities by planning now for future growth and development.

Current traffic volumes on US 24 in the core of downtown Woodland Park were in excess of 27,000 average annual daily trips in 2013. This traffic volume approaches severely congested levels for this four-lane section of the roadway. The Colorado Department of Transportation is projecting approximately 1.3% annual increase in traffic. Increased traffic delays, difficulty making left turns, safety concerns, noise, vehicle exhaust emissions, and difficult pedestrian environments are predicted to worsen.

The Traffic Circulation Study is a next step to the improvements made over the past two decades focusing directly on a prioritized list of workable alternatives for the City to undertake as funding options become available.


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