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The Pasque Flower – a first sign of Spring!


Pasque flower

In checking a great mountain cottage on Sunday that I have for sale up in Turkey Rock, which is north of Woodland Park (great house, views, near national forest, amazing views, rock formations and trails) a Pasque Flower was spotted and of course photographed – the first I’ve seen of the season and a true sign of Spring. This delicate lavender specimen actually flowers before the leaves appear, and is one of the first flowers of the season with a very early bloom, sometimes even popping up through the snow. There are about 33 species of pasque flower, which are highly toxic yet have medicinal uses (go figure) and the flowers were once used to dye Easter eggs. The word Pasque actually refers to Easter or Passover, as these flowers appear around this time of the year. It’s the state flower of South Dakota, but those of us in Colorado love seeing it and what it represents – spring is in the making!

See the link if you’d like to see the cottage!


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