Real Estate in Teller & Park County

Happy Sellers!



“We are so glad we listed our home with Lenore Hotchkiss.  She was very helpful and made sure we understood all our options both before and after we signed with her.  When we got an offer from the buyers, she was phenomenal in staying on top of every detail and keeping us very well informed about everything that was happening and still needed to happen.  She let us know what information we needed to furnish for the sale to happen and then even went out and made calls and followed up with other businesses etc. to make sure that everything happened on time and there was nothing that would jeopardize our closing.  Even after the closing she continued to do things to make our move as easy as possible.   After repeated emails and phone calls both from us and from  her to us I suddenly stopped and realized that we were not her only clients and she was most likely doing the same thing for others as well.  I think that is the best praise we can give is that she always made us feel like we were the ONLY folks she needed to take care of and she took very good care of us indeed.”

Sheryl and Jim P.


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